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African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID)
Published Since: 2009
Publishing Discontinued: 2012 (The journal is now published by Taylor & Francis
Publication Frequency: Quarterly

We started the African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID) to open an intellectual, research and knowledge space in Africa for both emergent and senior researchers from in and outside Africa who are working on how science, technology and innovation may be harnessed for development. The objective is to build a highly rated journal coming out of Africa that can publish the best research undertaken both in Africa and the rest of the world. Both in the first issue and this double issue we have managed to attract the right combination of publishable research papers both from Africa and from the global pool of researchers. In this double issue we have reprinted a pioneering scientific paper first published in 1985 by Bengt-Åke Lundvall (Denmark) on ‘Innovation as an Interactive Process: User-Producer Interaction to the National System of Innovation’. Other research papers are contributed by: Frank K Teng-Zeng (Ghana), Ju Liu (China) and............

Early this year the Adonis-Abbey Publishers (London) invited us to start and be principal editors of a new African Journal on Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID), and we agreed to take on that responsibility. After a lot of hard work and goodwill from different people – sponsoring institutions, reviewers, contributors, copy editors, and leading thinkers and scholars in this area, the first issue has come out in August 2009. We plan to produce the next two issues (combined) before the end of 2009. The response from scholars and researchers from all over Africa and across the world to the call for contribution has exceeded our expectations. It demonstrated that there has been a real gap waiting to be filled. Researchers from every region in Africa and beyond have submitted scientific papers representing the work of both emergent researchers and senior researchers for peer review. One of the core aims of AJSTID is to encourage emerging research scholars part............

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