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Review of Nigeria Affairs
Published Since: 2007
Publishing Discontinued: 2009 (No longer being published)
Publication Frequency: Quarterly aggregation of opinion/feature articles on Nigeria

We welcome you to volume 2 numbers 1-2 of this RoNA. We apologise for lateness of this edition. As mentioned in our newsletters, we had two serious virus attacks earlier in the year. We also moved office. All these contributed to the journal coming out late.   In this edition we bring together some of the articles that were published on free websites, and which mirror some of the key issues and discussions in Nigerian politics and government since the beginning of the year. The articles were unedited, to preserve their originality and the emotions infused in them by the authors.   Please enjoy yourself.  ............

We are happy to present the combined volumes 3&4  of the Review of Nigerian Affairs. This edition came out rather late because of unforeseen reasons. From next year, we hope to be more punctual, coming out every quarter as planned. RoNA is a quarterly collection of features, which mirror how the key issues in Nigerian politics and society are discussed in the previous quarter, or the previous six months in this case. The articles are selected in such a way as to reflect the main contending perspectives on the issue areas. Nigerians are vociferous writters, unafraid to express their views on any issue. The issue areas themselves tend to be very dynamic, making it ifficult to know whcih articles to select on issue, an which issues should be prioritised for inclusion in the volume. In this edition, we have selected articles we feel mirror the opinions of the dominant discussions in Nigeria over the past six months.  The articles revolve primarily around key personal............

Review of Nigerian Affairs is a quality quarterly journal exploring all aspects of the Nigerian society – its politics, economy, culture and development trajectory . It is multidisciplinary and a cross between an academic publication and any quality news features magazine. A book will be published annually from some of the contributions to the journals and institutional subscribers to the journal will get the book free - on request.   The journal made its debut in 2007. ISSN:  1753-6618 (online)............

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