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African Journal of Business and Economic Research (AJBER)
Published Since: 2006
Publishing Discontinued: The journal is published regularly. It is indexed at EBSCO, J-Gate, CABELL, ABDC, ProQuest and SABINET and accredied by IBSS.
Publication Frequency: Triennially (Three times a year)

Sub-Saharan Africa has been on world headlines in recent months, more for devastating and heart-wrenching news than for any other. The news is sour from the South to North, West to East – and especially so in the largest economies such as South Africa and Nigeria, and other rising power houses such as Kenya. In the particular case of South Africa, December 6, 2013 marks a great loss as the world witnessed the departure of a global statesman who delivered his country from the dark days of apartheid, Nelson Rolihlahla (troublemaker) Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary who was imprisoned and then became a politician, philanthropist, and President of his country between 1994 to 1999, who died at the age of 95. As the current President Jacob Zuma put it (Laing, 2013) "Our nation has lost its greatest son." The implications of Mandela's death are far-reaching for a country that has been bedevilled with political uncertainty wit............

African Business in a global context. These range from the public policy actions towards environmental sustainability; business development services and/ or support for micro-enterprises; the debate over food aid vis-a-vis food security; the place and role of women in the economic development of the continent; the role of SMEs in international business travel; and the growing importance of Tourism as a tool for economic development in both poor and scant reported contexts such as the Comoro Islands, as well as well researched middle income countries such as Ghana. Overall a record number of countries are covered in this issue, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Eritrea and Comoros Islands. We expect this trend to continue as papers that report trends and developments in other little reported countries such as Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho, Madagascar and Mozambique, amongst others would be welcome addition for consideration in our next issue.............

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